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wavefile native speaker english

English: 40.633
native speaker toned words

Wavefile English
Sample keywords English:




EN25 EN2276 EN2762 EN3467 EN26004
EN3548 EN3996 EN16959 EN18680 EN36002
EN21001 EN39943 EN39951 G10779 G13636

wavefiles native speaker french

French: 28.933
native speaker toned words

Wavefile French

Sample keywords French:



FR101 FR108 FR200 FR1264 FR1272
FR2615 FR2624 FR11024 FR18033 FR18039
FR18993 FR22039 FR22563 FR22978 FR18681

wavefile native speaker spanish

Spanish: 14.385
native speaker toned words

Wavefile Spanish
Sample keywords Spanish:




ES75 ES667 ES812 ES826 ES903
ES967 ES5087 SP15010 SP15420 SP15853
SP16729 SP17001 SP17657 SP20000 SP20010

wavefile native speaker italian

Italian: 29.098
native speaker toned words

Wavefile Italian
Sample keywords Italian:




IT12 IT13 IT110 IT1662 IT1667
IT1971 IT1978 IT16009 IT16311 IT16996
IT21011 IT21309 IT21873 IT23002 IT23546

wavefile russian native speaker toned

Russian: 13.450
native speaker toned words

Wavefile Russian

Sample keywords Russian:






8-1012 8-1896 8-1900 8-2444 8-3410
8-3418 8-4019 8-4882 8-5007 8-5021
8-5999 8-11017 8-11808 8-13012 8-13479

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